Cheapest Hotel In London

All right so first of all here this is outside our room and we have this like little hologram TV thing so that’s the room number and then over here it says you can I do not disturb or do not make room or you can use like a Bell think so y’all in a live an MTV Cribs tour of the room except there you go alright guys so first of all this is the bed here now the room is actually quite tiny.

So I’m using a wide-angle lens just because I can just show everything so we have the bed here which is pretty comfy what would you rate the bed out of time okay yeah I’d give it a good seven or something and over here I just wall so we’ve got the lights and no yet i and i at night man man we save that for last so we have the light and then we have like a nice art piece here this TV by the way is amazing and we have movies.

We like a bunch of films I think we’ve got about 50 homes yeah there’s about 60 films I think I want sure how many films do you reckon late okay maybe 20 no impossible I think it is about 30 40 50 something like that so we’ve got movies which will last us for a good six days and the really good movies David Brent right now got a cool chair here and this thing let me come back to that later but we have a little compartment here for the ovens welcome visit.

If I probably something I don’t think they can kids don’t make it so it’s a compartment there for your suitcase and then we have a little other compartment there for another suitcase or bag or something so this turns into a desk as well but there’s so much on there so we’ll just leave that for now plug sockets more plug sockets by the bed and there’s a USB charger just there as well very very handy.

So I mean the thing is you can’t really fit many clothes there but can’t really complain it’s a budget hotel mine this is my favorite this is the winner here the bathroom okay okay so the shower.

I love the green and the light and there’s a that head what is that thing called the rain shower up there and then you have the normal shower just there as well so you control it with that.

So that to turn on on the left and then on the right is to control the temperature and then you have your soap by the way those Hotel soap it smells so good so you have one there you got one here that’s me there and then that’s the sink now the toilet seat amazing but here’s the problem that I have right look.

Oh wait it doesn’t hit the it doesn’t hit that anymore okay never mind but when you sit down it’s a yes they kind of sit like that though you yeah a lot of my country it’s written as much as that freaking straight because of the wall so you don’t have to sit like at an angle.

I mean I was the body area and then also for the toilet paper because it’s some here you can’t you have to just do that and do your things you know so I don’t know if they they realize that but flush is there what’s this this is the correct okay alright there’s a bit to the business there but realize that I’m not that’s a bit cuss it to anything here on you have to read.

Yeah! I sent you carrots and it fit yep got a ball tonight okay so there’s a bottle opener right here there is a hairdryer as well an air conditioning unit which I know for the UK.

You don’t really need but it is summer it’s bleep has been very very hot so this is a blessing now for me this is the amazing part right the view of the shard right there and then you’ve got all the cars and then if you go if you just walk down that way there’s a subway there’s a KFC there’s a Starbucks there’s like the touristy area.

literally just two minutes away so that’s really really handy but that view is so cool and we are literally in central London like you can’t get any more central than this by the way so to control the lights Rebecca is you can do the honors because you’re quite good at this so do the honors now you’ve got C outside remember outside.

We were talking about like they do not disturb clean my room thing so if you press these buttons here so if you press that right watch it’s outside there you go and then I don’t yeah okay you can’t do that so you control that from inside here so let’s say for example we want the air conditioning on so you press that and then that turns on you want to control the temperature up and down and then to turn off the lights go turn off the light protein.

Oh there we go and it’s off and it’s back on again oh wow it’s even brighter now yeah so that’s that there we go so and you got reading lights as well it’s like the you know you know in the airplane you have the room of the your own like first-class seat and then you can control everything.

So it’s kind of cool like that and that’s pretty much it like this is the room so just to show you guys from the corner that’s a room there oh yeah we have to do the table thing hold on that will remove everything but this is a room here this is literally the size of the room it’s quite cozy.

I love this room so much I got on this something like some a cleaning person comes and steals all of our I’m giving this room a like a good 9 out of 10 but I will talk about the the cons of the room once.

We show you the desk okay so desk so open it up like that and then you have the desk so you can put a chair there you can work and once again you get a beautiful view and that’s yeah.

I like that now hotel card so what happens when you check in you you are you kind of do all the stuff on this computer then you pick up a card and then you put it on this thing and it assigns you a room so you’re not like assigned a room when you book your assigned a room when you come into the hotel and then you do the card thing which i think is pretty cool.

So what would you say the downsides of this room are and there’s only two blocks all kids okay fathers one day up there so one two three four we’re chillin there oh yeah so 5c you know what else um he’s more fellows.

Yeah sure……… I get this butch it was carrying on but like one more fellows that I guess for my trip it to because there’s only two pillows what else yeah I think maybe softer bed sheets um showers really carefully.

Yeah I noticed a little a little small leak right here yeah right there doctor the leak comes in okay anything else I shake it off the windows are high right so if I go happen I think of that that’s very possible so I would say the downsides of this room it gets a bit too hot right.

I was watching last night when I was sleeping bathrobes it would be hopefully a bathrobes and slippers even has two really an additional point.

I got rid of mine because I do like wearing a bathrobe when I’m around the the room and stuff I don’t like wearing normal clothes cuz I mean normal clothes for I’m going out so bathrobes maybe some slippers just to walk into the the bathroom that’s actually it I love this room.

So ………. I would give this room so far we’ve only been here one night I give it a 9 out of 10 like I don’t have any downsides where like it affects me you know I mean like he would the other hotel we’re staying in the shower was really bad like it wasn’t hot and it was clogging up that’s one thing.

I can’t I have to have a nice bathroom in FL so that was really annoying also the design of that room it wasn’t my thing I just didn’t feel comfortable in the room whereas with this it’s small it’s cozy everything’s come like compact but it works really well and I feel quite comfortable in this room.

So I would give it a solid nine out of ten maybe yeah now I kept it a nine out of ten month like I have no problems with it so you have no problems with it I give it like a seven or eight so for me definitely nine out of ten I would all I would honestly come here every time I’m in London and book this this hotel this is the the hub by Premier Inn on Tower Bridge right yeah Tower Bridge yeah oh yeah

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