The Coolest London Boutique Hotels


you stay in England’s wondrous capital park grande London Lancaster gates with the catchphrase its boutique its unique punk grand London Lancaster gate wears its identity as a boutique hotel like a badge of honor located in central London

Near both Lancaster Gate and Padding ton stations it’s the perfect launch pad in home base for your time in this historic city but it’s more than a good location inside.

You’ll find stylish rooms that are both elegant and comfortable while still feeling very much representative of the destination in which you find yourself also though it might not be included in the price of your stay you should absolutely try their afternoon tea which guests consistently rave about whether you go for the traditional tea or their champagne or chocolate options.

It’s sure to make for an experience you won’t soon forget Hotel for tea wander sleeping in Buckingham Palace might not be an option for the average traveler but this boutique hotel brings you just about as close as you can get without drawing the attention of the guards.

Hotel 41 is located just behind Buckingham Palace opposite the Royal Mews the rooms here are exceedingly comfortable and Instagram ready boasting design that perfectly balances functionality and beauty the common areas coupled with the attentive service will similarly have you feeling like you’ve joined an exclusive London Club and did we mention the free snacks we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill continental breakfast.

Hotel 41 stands out from the crowd by offering complimentary gourmet treats for you to munch on throughout you stay including but not limited to ice cream chocolates nuts dried fruit and in the evening various canapes Town Hall hotel and apartments searching for a place to stay in London that really honors the history of the city look no further than this establishments before getting a grand face lift this stunning, Edwardian building served as well a Town Hall in London’s East.

End for roughly 80 years now you’ll find a unique blend of architecture the beautiful features from its past interwoven with contemporary elements to make for a truly one-of-a-kind stay you’ll find no cookie cutter interchangeable rooms in the Town Hall hotel each space has its own unique touches which adds to the appeal for repeat visits for any film buffs out there.

You might be interested to know that before the renovations the building was used in any number of popular British films the Edgerton House Hotel nothing says welcome to your home away from home quite like a drink upon arrival and that’s how the good people are edges in house greet their guests despite the odds the experience.

Somehow only gets better from there a boutique establishment in the truest sense Edger ton house is home to just 28 rooms and each and every guest is treated with extreme care and attention the hotel is won awards for its service of course no one travels to London to spend all their time in the hotel room regardless of how comfortable and tempting it might be and at Edger ton house you find yourself in the very heart of London in Knights bridge.

With an easy walking distance of many of the major sights and attractions the launderette London is a city with rich literary history and the lazarette leans into this legacy with adorable little stacks of penguin classic books in each room it’s a minor touch one that many guests perhaps won’t even notice but that’s what makes the less let’s stand out from the crowd attention to detail occupying five Victor Corian town houses.

This 51 room boutique hotel is beautifully designed everything on the ground and in the building has been carefully selected to help cultivate an aura of classy bohemian British comforts from the gorgeous designer furniture to the works of art many made by local artists which adorn the walls people also rave about the common areas in the lobby essentially if you’re looking to stay in the Rotting Hill area you really couldn’t ask for better digs than those offered by the Loews LED – 51 Buckingham gate Suites and residences situated close to Big Ben in Trafalgar Square.

The location of sash 51 Buckingham Palace is just about as ideal as a visitor to the Big Smoke can find a five-star institution – 51 is all about the finer things in life and that shows in the decor as well as the in-house restaurants of the three Quill en a Michelin-starred Indian restaurant from chef shrewish allure is arguably the most enticing especially for food focused travelers.

Of course those who like to do their own cooking will also feel quite at home at this establishment as a relative rarity among st boutique hotels the rooms at age 51 have their own kitchen it’s truly a home away from home and according to their website the building once served as the home of lords and ladies of the royal courts now doesn’t that sound like the sort of place you want to stay on holiday.

45 Park Lane part of the illustrious George astir collection of hotels 45 Park Lane is more than just a nice place to stay while traveling it’s an experience in its own rights the art decor design makes it something of a rarity in the city you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back in time to the Roaring.

Twenties but it’s the extremely personalized concierge service that ensures a guest experience that will really stick with you each guest is assigned a host to look after their needs upon arrival who serves as Butler concierge and personal assistant as well as a bank of knowledge to help you get the most out of your time in the city also be sure to check out the hotels critically acclaimed restaurants cut nestled into the very heart of London.

45 Park Lane is a perfect home base to explore the city Fleming’s Mayfair true to their boutique status Fleming’s Mayfair endeavors to keep the experience a personal one by guaranteeing guests that they will always get the best price by contacting the hotel directly rather than going through a booking sites.

There’s no shortage of attractive boutique hotels in London but the design and decor of the Fleming Mayfair will make you ache it’s as if you’ve stepped into a Wed Anderson movie the building dates back to 1730 and first became a hotel in the 1850s making Fleming’s Mayfair the second oldest hotel in the city and a true gem for any traveler with a love for all things historical just a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace Green Park and the shopping of new Bond Street Fleming’s Mayfair is always a good choice do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip from mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our

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