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We filmed a video titled last to take handoff $1,000,000 keep saying so if you haven’t seen that last video go watch it now because obviously this video will spoil it three two one go last one of you to take your hand off this million dollar stack of cash keeps it alright,

So you now have 24 hours to spend the $1,000,000 are you ready ……..?

Yeah I’m ready

We’re starting off today grab what you want this I can get that no that was actually just a joke I told him to do that what we’re actually gonna do is be responsible and try to set mark up for his future.

Obviously he’s aware of million dollars is a lot but it’s not unlimited money so we’re gonna make smart purchases like a house cars and do some investing I need this this this yep okay so I’m gonna get this probably for me no splurge a little bit on myself so here you go sir here thank you thank you thank you give me two I want an attendance which you have a million dollars.

I don’t believe this is real it is man this is crazy this is only a small percentage of what you have I don’t even know how I’m gonna spin it all this is unreal so here are your three Mac books right here green Mac man ok 7 iPhone 7 you know 10 pluses force the new iPad’s as well thank you.

I don’t know how much that was but it’s right there on the counter Wow for these three MacBooks all for you to me they are for my wife my cousin and my sister’s friends so I really ain’t got much for myself but I do got a lot for them and I can’t wait to see their reactions.

All right mark it’s time to check out one PlayStation 2 PlayStation man this is crazy I’m super grateful for this I never would have ever imagined in a million years that I’ll have a million dollars to be spending here it’ll make me cry that we just started save the sob story for later, I like how all just calm like, I’ll do this all the time so the total is twenty three thousand eight hundred dollars which seems like a lot okay.

I mean it is a lot but in comparison to a million dollars it’s not that crazy and you wild out you bought everything you could ever want for me exactly and it’s not even a fraction so we’re here at a car dealership it is like 90 degrees totally not freezing and Mark said you wanted to buy some cars so let’s go ball out mark all right gosh it’s freezing I’m cold you should buy a car here you stuff to spend your hundred grand I gotta finish paying for my first car I just not bubbled everywhere did you see it think,

I will be driving or having something like this this is the card obviously it’s a massive upgrade so that’s what you see so excited one of the best moments of my life this car is so let’s go buy this one and you still have one more car you want to buy how about this carb are good these look like nostrils you can get them this is a luxury car how much is it.

I’m sold so this car plus the other car is about $100,000 total right it is can you compare yes, yes I did the mocap so you drove it for only a few minutes, what do you thought………. I’m going to get it okay ! vehicles are yours you better not read it you’re a millionaire you can take it out with right now this is the best dealership ever so obviously paperwork for buying a car takes well so he’s gonna come back and finish that later we’re gonna keep shopping I was so excited, I’m gonna call my wife and tell her about the new car I know she’s going he’s so happy about it babe I just bought us both two new brand new cars both of them are black it is super nice and I think you’re gonna love it yeah………

Yes I did you gonna love it, why our life really really just changed that’s so much stuff, let’s go surprise your family, I really do appreciate all y’all so I went out and I bought out for y’all I went out and bought you a Playstation yeah here goes a VR I went out and bought you a MacBook.

I know that you really wanted to have a watch so I went out and bought you Apple watch I got you, I bought you a headset, I won’t say from the bottom of my heart before you can keep spending money,

I need to tell them about honey that rhyme here’s how it works with shipping including these Nike shoes were almost $68 but after honey they were 57 basically honey pulled 10 dollars out of thin air even though you have a million dollars it doesn’t hurt to save more money and honey is free and easy to install, ┬áso why not honey is free money and you should be using it honey works on over 20,000 stores has over 10 million members and has saved you guys over a billion dollars.

So here’s how you install honey you click here and then you click here oh thanks no problem now you have honey on your computer go to join honey calm / mr. beast that’s join honey calm / mr. bees make sure you use them when you Christmas shop it’ll save you a ton of money and let’s go back to spending a million dollars now we’re in the mall you still have like a lot of money left you haven’t even started spending go wild boys you mentioned you wanted to buy your wife a wedding dress, I did it right like the ring that she has on now it was cheap so now I’m gonna actually buy her a real ring yeah you know how to get it for it today this is exactly what she wants so okay.

I think I’m gonna get this one that’s good yeah so mark chopped $20,000 on a ring he has to order it so we don’t have it yet or anything why did you have to do me like that in front of my wife she watches these videos and in case some of you guys didn’t watch this video right here one of the rules was 10% of the winnings goes to their coach and marks coach was Chandler so, Chandler got a hundred grand so it’s time for me to spend my money I’m gonna get this watch right here, how does that look nice.

Can I see this bracelet, I do what you think mark I love it what do you think, I’m gonna get this and that watch four thousand two hundred and thirty four dollars Chandler merry Christmas to me thank you.

Mark and Jimmy …………I love you now we’re gonna take you to Mark’s house and just show you where he lives so this is where you currently live this is my room my wife see no room at all you can’t even open the door all the way right this is all my little cousins room your little cousins we found a near match yeah and this he popped it. So it’s flat because it is sleeping autumn air mattress that’s like has a hole in it so he’s sleeping on the floor can’t just say I’m super glad you won the million dollars I really have before you shows around the world like thank God million dollars we got the 2001 Toyota Camry.

I bought it like that oh dang how much did you buy for home six hundred dollars so the current house. we were just at which is smaller than the one you just bought you actually split it in half with another family yes…….. that’s crazy technically anybody could use a million dollars but it’s clear that this is really gonna change your life and help you out in a positive way and I’m glad we could do that for you man even though it’s not my money.

I’ll take the gratitude I’m very grateful like highly humble and grateful about this whole entire thing I never experienced anything like this in my life all right Chandler come on he’s not there mr. Tumnus mr. Tumnus oh here you this will be big especially for your wife you and your sister and maybe your cousin like how big is this compared to it like three times a year everything is like cramped together I have no space you’ll have plenty of room come on in everyone welcome to the new paint residence,

I want to start at the basement cuz that’s probably like my favorite thing out of the whole thing so yeah let’s go to the basement look at this stamp it I want it let’s go tell the realtor that overall I love the house. I’m definitely gonna get it this is the one this is the one you guys really don’t know like where, I came from but I’m so grateful for everything that the mystery beast crew have done for me like a week ago.

I only have five dollars in my bank account like I didn’t have nothing really couldn’t feed my wife, I couldn’t feed my sister but now I’m able to like provide for my family so this is like a really really good experience for me and genuinely from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you……… Thank you ………

Seriously thank you no problem it just makes me happy that you’re happy yeah!

I am I love it I’d never ever think that I really have a house like this and it’s all for my family and that’s the most important thing to me this is a journey and I can’t wait to see how far along we get, so we’ll get together over the next few days have you sign everything for these three minutes that’s cute just for clarity, how much is this house it’s 165 grams yeah okay couch is perfectly in the budget,

Because we have a million dollars well we’re gonna go buy furniture yeah so this this thing has a middle console this Chandler sleep already Chandler we’ve been here for five minutes my wife is actually not here so I’m not gonna be able to get stuff for it like delivery but basically he’s not making too many decisions without his wife which is actually a very smart and cute thing you also have a hundred good you have to spend today, so can i buy this plant cars clothes food for my family,

I was able to do that because of mr. Beasley’s everybody subscribed so that he can keep doing videos like this man and it could be one of you guys you never know mark you’ve only spent thirty six thousand so far that is optional a lot of that he still has to get his wife’s approval on for now we’re gonna add that to the total thirty six grand ever since mark became a millionaire.

He’s really got an expensive taste treat yo’self 82 inch TV I’m gonna get my family some Christmas presents two four six eight ten twelve thirteen you’re gonna be broke and see how you can see yourself in that screen so he’s gonna get a g7x and then also this camera right here.

So you’re gonna have the exact same setup we do but you do need some tripod right, we will literally have a room full of camera batteries because some of our videos require ten cameras or that one time. we film the Battle Royale 58 is that what we use three who is 58 cameras so we do our best guys oh this is a great deal double it double it something I’m good, I got the cameras two pcs keyboard mouse headphones two TVs right got the sound bar that sounded like a jet engine coming in here so chill there what you get a lot of Apple products how much does this come out to that’s about two full six eight and twelve so far twelve thousand of your $100,000 has been spent.

No okay so far sixteen thousand of your hundred thousand dollars has been spent thirty thousand dollars I want the best fitted I got here, I want to talk on refrigerator when I wake up with like good morning mark, that’s the one these are my dishwashers right here.

Yes right here, but not anymore this is your dishwasher, I think we good but one thing, I do want to get can I get you don’t have to know. I want to seriously and he he wants to buy me again they see what you want yeah I want to get matching galaxy watch this yes right so we get two of them thanks man.

So to wrap up this best buy trip it says 29,000 fifty four dollars we’ll just round up 30 grand this is literally everything you’ll need your entire house will be perfect yeah it is and I’m so happy,

Thank you guys mark do you want to tell them what you plan on doing plan on going to my mother house and I’m gonna give her $15,000 and then afterwards you want to also give your mother-in-law $15,000. I want to get my mother-in-law fifteen thousand that’s dude that’s so, I think we’re good on purchasing things for today now we really need to sit down and talk about taxes.

I know a lot of you may be younger but since he’s receiving a million dollars he does have a large tax bill that we need to talk about, You know at the pay taxes, I haven’t done it ever did you do so before we go any further let’s break down everything we spend so far you spent $23,000 at Best Buy for $8,000 on a wedding ring a hundred thousand dollars on cars on hundred sixty five thousand dollars on a house thirty thousand dollars on furniture and thirty thousand dollars on appliances.

So! so far we spent three hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars on material things fifteen thousand dollars for the closing costs to your house twenty thousand dollars for utilities bills just random things that go wrong and you’ve given away thirty thousand dollars fifteen thousand to your mom and then the fifteen thousand you told me you want to give to your mother-in-law.

So Chandler one hundred that was a predetermined rule before the million dollar challenge the code to the contestant got a hundred grand and then also during the last to stop biking video you said this you win the million dollars do you want to give him 50 grand yes I want to give 150 grand Oh basically you promised Jeremy fifty thousand dollars I did and that brings your total up to five hundred and eighty three thousand dollars.

So now this video is gonna get a little more serious because obviously mark needs to set aside money for taxes it also do some investing so mark didn’t actually receive all a million because he gave Chandler one hundred thousand and Jeremy fifty thousand so what he got is eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars so mark was set-asides $340,000 basically 40% just to make sure all his tax liabilities are covered but now let’s talk about,

Chandler you spent 16,000 at Best Buy and forty four thousand dollars on bills so you spent sixty so you said you spent sixty grand Jeremy spent thirty thousand dollars and then set aside 20 grand for taxes so that’s another 50 thousand so that is exactly where nine hundred and twenty three thousand of the million dollars, when I’m trying to be as transparent as possible because I know a lot of you won’t believe me that I gave away a million dollars.

But I’m literally showing you right here we did you really did you have 77 graylen I know you talked about wanting to maybe invest 50k and then set aside like the other 23 for just other little nuances here and there and to be 100% honest we went into an investing firm and they told us we couldn’t record so you’ll have to meet with the financial expert on your own. I really wanted to show you guys where all the money went…………..

I’m gonna just close this a million dollars that’s where the million dollar mark.

It’s crazy that all this happened because you put your hand on a million dollars and you were the last to take it off one of my goals for this video was just to make sure you don’t get screwed over like I genuinely think you will do fine if you ever need anything just let me know thank you and I appreciate everybody thank you for believing in me and giving me this chance.

He said it ………. you change it once or twice but I think continue to stay

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